Recipe: Instagram Favourite Oaty Cakes

I’m on the hunt this month for plastic free (Home Front Solution #5) snacks that are wholesome and easy for me to make and these tasty little snacks perfect for the bill. All the ingredients can be bought from my local plastic free shop, takes around 15 mins to make and not all together naughty. I shared my first batch on my Instagram and they were very popular so here’s the recipe for everyone who asked ☺️

Makes around 12


100g Oats

4 tbsp Honey

300g Dark Chocolate


1. Lay out your cake vessels of choice, I used silicone reusable fairy cake cases as it makes the cakes easy to get out, no waste and already in individual portions but you can also make one big bar to cut up in a brownie ton (just make sure you grease it first)

2. Next put your honey in a heat proof bowl and heat in short bursts (so not to burn) till it’s nicely melted

3. Now combine the melted honey and the oats together until the mixture is wet but not overly sticky. If it’s too dry, add a little more honey, too wet add some more oats.

4. Next scoop the mixture into your cases or tin and push down to take out any air holes. I find it gets a little wetter when you do that but don’t worry as it will hard again. Make sure it’s pretty dense so the cakes are too crumbly.

5. Now for the fun part, slowly melt your dark chocolate and spoon a nice top onto each cake (or pour over your tin) making sure you have a nice even layer

6. Last but not least, pop your cases into the fridge until they are set and leave them there (or in the freezer) till your ready to nibble them

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