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I am a pink haired, list lover with a silver lining outlook on life and a passion for reviving history.

Here and Now: 2021 Plans

I don’t know if its due to the lack of light or the weather or the pandemic but recently I’ve lost my va va voom. Although I’ve had mental health dips in the past, I’ve been lucky enough to never suffer from SAD but this last month I just can’t seem to get myself going.…

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Do Your Bit: Reviews

Whilst tackling my overgrown garden yesterday, I got to thinking about how I could support my fellow indies in this strange lockdown time. We clap for our key workers and donate for nurses but what could I do to help a business? I always try to find an independent alternative when I want to buy…

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Recipe: Ginger Cordial

October is in full flow now and as the cooler weather creeping in, I’ve started craving all things warming and hyggelig. Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to that lovely crackle of a wood burners, the cosines of a blanket mountain and anything I can find with ginger in.  You name it, if…

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Review: Dry Shampoo Tin

I am one of those people who found their style pretty early, meaning I’ve had my current hair style for 10 years and it ain’t broke so I won’t fix it. The colour is a bright pink and it’s finished off with my signature short fringe. It’s me, any attempt to change it has felt…

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Recipe: Blackberry Whiskey

After sharing my last blackberry hoard post, a friend suggested I had a go at making blackberry whiskey and with the hedges still brimming with berries, I thought why not? It was quite a simple recipe, which I’ve shared below and I really can’t wait to taste it, it already smells so good. A few sites…

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