Recipe: Foraged Gorse Flower Tea

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have slightly fallen in love with Gorse Flower Tea (Home Front Solution #31).

It’s my first bit of foraging this year (Home Front Solution #41) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. You’ve probably noticed its stunning yellow flowers as you been driving/walking around, it grows in woodlands, heaths and coastal habitats and has distintive bright petals which have a delicious, slightly coconutty scent to them. I know, sounds unlikely, and I didn’t quite beleive it either when I first read it but they do really smell like coconut and even better, once the petals are unfused the tea tastes like it too!

Word of warning before you attempt this golden goodness, the gorse bush does not give up its flowers easily. The rest of the plant is essentially a very aggresive hedgehog and you will need to make sure you are careful when picking the flowers to not prick yours or your little helpers fingers (but trust me, the tea is worth the hassle!)

For 1 Cup (Multipy up as needed)

1/2 Cup of Gorse Flowers

1 Strainer or infuser


  • Collect as much gorse flower as you need, being careful to save your fingers from the prickles
  • Once home, seperate the outer husk from the bright yellow petals and give a quick shake to dislodge any bugs that might have been sheltering inside.
  • Now place the petals inside your strainer or infuser and then put that inside your mug
  • Pour boiling water over the strainer or infuser and leave for 1-2 mins
  • Take out strainer and enjoy the sweet coconut deliciousness.

Side note: Some people add sugar, I found it perfect without, everyones taste is different so have a sip and see what you need 🙂

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