Life on the Home Front: January Goals

And like that, January is here and I suddenly have an urge, like everyone else on my socials, to set some goals for the year. I didn’t fancy going in for resolutions as such, I like details, plans and list and they don’t give me the space to do that, I’ve also found it a tad daunting to decide on one aim to sum up the ojective for the whole year.

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Also, after spending the last year pondering over this blog and what I want to do with it, I already have a rough idea of where I want my life to be heading (see my home front solutions blog) and know it fits under the three categories, Healthier, Happier and Greener and I know I want it to have a little history edge. So with all that in mind, what I’ve decided to do it give myself monthly targets under each of those headings and top them up or change them out as the months progress.

So , drum roll please, my january plans is…


It plays such a big part in my life and poses a real problem for my health, my happiness and my green credentials I thought it was the perfect place to start. To give you a rough idea of where I’m starting from I eat too many sweets and fizzy drinks, buy my lunch and snacks out way to often, use big supermarkets more than I want to and am horrified by how much plastic waste I get from them when I do. I’ve also really want to include more beans and pulses in my diet as I know they are the healthiest and greeniest way to get enough protien but don’t really know where to begin.

So to start working on this bundle of problems, I’ve picked out my goals for the month from my list of Home Front solutions I’ve already come up with, round them up below and you can keep up to date on how I’m getting on with my insta posts and with a progress post at the end of the month 🙂 I’m also planning to get my history on by looking into wartime recipes for a more wholesome menu, digging into the history of beans and pulses on the Home Front and seeing how else the ingenuity of the 1940’s can help with my food based plans.

I love to hear what you’re planning for this month/year and whether you can use my Home Front Solutions list for a sense of direction as well 🙂

What I’m going to do in January to live a healthier, happier and greener life:


16. More wholesome, unproccessed diet

17. Make more homemade meals

46. Drink more water


8. Make mindful purchases

18. Plan meals


5. No single use plastics

7. No food waste

9. Eat inseason and local

42. Make picnics

48. Eat less mean and more pulses

In season veg from the patch I want to use

Butternut squash, Kale, White Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Potatoes, Suede, Celeriac, Parsnip, Sprouts, Beetroot

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