V for Victory is about trying to live a greener, happier and healthier life with a little history twist.


Hi, I’m Hatty and I’m a self confessed geek.

I’ve always been one of those people who just loves to learn, whether its finding out if Octopuses can see (they use their SKIN!) or what do you call a professional cocktail maker (a mixologist), I am definitely one of the permanently curious and will say “I’ll just Google that” at least 40 times a day.

There is one subject however that makes me want to consume it more than any other, buy every book I can find on it, visit every museum out there about it and that, is the Second World War. From the clothes to the food, the politics to the design and the people to the machines, all of it intrigues me.

But what I love most about this era, by far, is the sense of purpose and resourcefulness that came out of it. Can’t get a certain food? Make a mock one. Running low on metal? Use our pots and pans. Not enough bacon for your breakfast? Start a pig club. Nothing to feed that pig on? Here have these left over food scraps in swill bins. Need a new night dress? Make it out of this old silk map. The list is endless. The ingenuity and advances that came out of that time were incredible and make me want to jump right back in to experience it all.

That said I don’t want to take my whole life back in time and wandering around in Utility clothing, throwing away my smartphone and eating Woolton Pie. My love for the modern day including pink hair dye, Pinterest and wide selection of biscuits is too strong to go full on history but whilst reading up on ways to make my life a little greener, it struck me how similar our current solutions to climate change are to the campaigns of the second world war and it got me thinking, why not use some of the solutions the country came up with to deal with the problems of war time Britain to deal with the problems we are facing today? They fixed their dilemmas of being too dependent on imported food by eating more seasonally and growing their own, they learnt how to reduce their fuel consumption, they were the original recyclers and became as stronger community because of the shared battles they had.

And thus this blog was born. I’ll document my testing of different home front tricks and tips and see if I can live a little more 40’s in this modern age.

To make it all the more easier for me to test out my theory, I have split up the problems I want to solve into 4 categories headed by famous Home Front campaigns. So posts about waste are split into two, one being Waste Not, Want Not that deals with my rubbish and the second is Make Do and Mend which is about consuming less. Next is Dig for Victory which is everything food, from growing to cooking and then finally Do Your Bit which very broadly covers looking after myself and my place in society.

I’ve gone into a bit further detail about the headings here and I’ve also written up a post for my 2019 plan here so you can see where I am at.

Working with me

I’m interested in all relevant offers of collaboration including blog posts, book review, product testing or simply taking over one of the adverts on my side bar. Just send a message through the Contact Form with the subject “Working together” and what you are proposing, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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