#HomeFrontSolutions – A Plan

List updated February 2023 🙂

So I’m back with my Home Front list, finally. Please forgive my delay, since we last spoke and I talked of calmness and space to think, I’ve unexpectedly moved house (this place will be long term, the chickens wouldn’t forgive me if they moved for a 5th time in a year) which we all know is a really relaxing activity.


So where were we?

Ah yes, I had realised that, although I knew I wanted to use my love of WW2 and the lessons I could learn from it to make my life a little brighter, I didn’t actually have a plan for how I was going to do it in practise. I had a vague idea of make do and mend and dig for victory but nothing concrete so I decided I had to go away and write a list of what I loved about the Home Front, which I would then work out how to slip them in to my every day life with the ultimate aim of living a happier, healthier, greener life.

And a few month later, here is it! My list of what I want to bring back from the Home Front, starting with:

  1. Choose bike over car
  2. Holiday at home
  3. Use Trains (especially steam)
  4. Get more fresh air
  5. No single use plastics
  6. Stop wasting energy
  7. No food waste
  8. Make mindful purchases
  9. Eat inseason and local
  10. Grow as much as possible
  11. Have a capsule wardrobe
  12. Make do and mend
  13. Bring your own cup
  14. Buy secondhand
  15. Read as much as you can
  16. Less processed diet
  17. Make more homemade meals
  18. Choose radio over TV
  19. Look after yourself
  20. Careless talk costs lives
  21. Have a sense of purpose
  22. Learn first aid
  23. Keep chickens
  24. Channel the Mass Observation diaries and journals
  25. Appreciate the small things
  26. Go to the cinema
  27. Embrace ingenuity
  28. Go dancing
  29. Be part of clubs and communities
  30. Have a milkman
  31. Use loose tea and tea pots
  32. Have no credit/debts
  33. Use pencils over pens
  34. Use toothpaste in a box
  35. Listen to Brass bands
  36. Use a shopping baskets
  37. Knit and Crochet
  38. Reuse as much as possible
  39. Live in season
  40. Make chutneys and Jams
  41. Forage and feed
  42. Make picnics
  43. Get involved
  44. Wear more headscarves
  45. Dress up for going out
  46. Drink more water
  47. Give blood
  48. Eat less meat and more pulses
  49. Get to know your neighbours
  50. Play boardgames and puzzles
  51. Use the library
  52. Visit museums and galleries
  53. Make your own clothes
  54. Shop local
  55. Spend time offline
  56. Be organised
  57. Recycle everything you can
  58. Eat more potatoes

I will add more as I think of them so expect this list to grow as I go along and possibly tweaked a little as I start to try them out. I’ve numbered the list so I can easily cross reference back to them on my instagram or within blog posts ( I might even make a spreadsheet THE JOY)

My plan now is to try and bring at least one of this list into my life every day documenting it on my insta, and then each month I’ll document how I’m getting on and whether this little challenge is making my life a little happier, healthier and greener.

Please check out #homefrontsolutions on insta to keep up to date with how I’m getting along and I’d love to hear any more ideas you’ve got or your own

Side note, I just want to add in case anyone gets the wrong idea, although I love the 1940’s and some of its values, there are many, many parts of the war and the wider society from that I don’t like and won’t be championing to bring back. That crap can stay very much in the past and won’t have any place in this blog or on my socials.

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