Category: Waste Not, Want Not

Rubbish Update: Week Two

Well, I’m officially crap when I’m ill. This past week has been a hazy blur of sniffles, naps and sneezes and all the organisational drive I had disappeared along with the mountain of tissues I’ve been using. I know that if I’m going to live a low waste life, I need to get my little…

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Rubbish Update: Week One

I might have to think of a better title for this series as otherwise it looks like I’m being a tad over critical of my work 😀 My first week is done and I’m darn pretty chuffed with my progress. This is how my bins are looking: *I don’t have any paper or cardboard as…

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Review: Dry Shampoo Tin

I am one of those people who found their style pretty early, meaning I’ve had my current hair style for 10 years and it ain’t broke so I won’t fix it. The colour is a bright pink and it’s finished off with my signature short fringe. It’s me, any attempt to change it has felt…

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