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Do Your Bit: Plastic Free July

Happy Plastic Free July! Would you believe this is my first year of officially taking part? Which is slightly mad seeing as it fits in so well with my Home Front goals of reducing my plastic waste (Home Front Solution #5) and getting involved in the bigger picture (Home Front Solution #43) Plastic Free July…

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Do Your Bit: Reviews

Whilst tackling my overgrown garden yesterday, I got to thinking about how I could support my fellow indies in this strange lockdown time (Home Front Solution 43: Get Involved in the Bigger Picture). We clap for our key workers and donate for nurses but what could I do to help a business? I always try…

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Do Your Bit: Correspondence

I’ve become a little bit of a podcast fan over the past year. As with most things I am slow to catch on but I’ve now realised its just my own personal radio and any spare moment I get, I’m donning my headphones and falling into the new worlds my phone can offer me (Home…

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