Review: Safety Razor

With Plastic Free July in full swing, I thought I’d share my favourite swaps and really there was no contest in which one I would start with…

… the safety razor! It was one of the earliest swaps I made on my zero waste journey and I have never looked back. Not only was it an easy plastic free swap (Home Front Solution #5), I also love how it harks back to the Home Front with its simple blades and timeless design.

As you can see, I chose the Bambaw razor as I do enjoy a bit of bamboo and I do love it but I honestly believe you’d get the same pros with any safety razor you use as the simple but effective design is much the same across all the brands. Another plus point, I got mine over three years ago and it’s as good now as when I got it so it has great durability.

The first thing I want to raved about is how easy it is to use, no complicated clip ons or 5 blade magics, you just unscrew the top, slide the blade in, retighten and bobs your uncle, you are on your way. Another benefit is that these blades are easily recyclable (I put mine in a tin and then put it in my recycling bin when full) and extremely cheap so no worries about bankrupting yourself to just say smooth.

I use it on all parts of my body, even the most delicate of areas and it glides so smoothly and gives me a really close shave. I know some people I have spoken to about them worry about how safe they are but the clue really is in the name. I’m not the most careful of people and I have only nicked myself twice in the 3 years and even these were more paper cut.

I keep it even more plastic free by using a standard soap bar instead of a fancy shaving cream, and find it still works brilliantly, I have honestly never have smoother legs.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried a safety razor and what you think about it or if you’d like to try one on the future and want any more advice or a bit of encouragement, just comment below 🙂

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