Do Your Bit: Plastic Free July

Happy Plastic Free July!

Would you believe this is my first year of officially taking part? Which is slightly mad seeing as it fits in so well with my Home Front goals of reducing my plastic waste (Home Front Solution #5) and getting involved in the bigger picture (Home Front Solution #43)

Plastic Free July is a movement that’s has inspired 100+ million participants in 190 countries. The idea is you choose to refuse single-use plastics and by joining in with the campaign, you get tricks and tips to keep you going and hopefully find great alternatives that can become new habits forever.

I am a little slow off the mark so I haven’t got loads of grand ideas but I thought I’d share a few of my plans and I’d love to know yours too.

Plastic Free July Plans

  • No plastic shopping bags – this one should be nice and easy and I’m going to fill my car and bags full of reusable so I’ve got no excuses
  • Packed lunch – A constant source of plastic for me is shop bought lunches to so aim is to make homemade snacks from plastic free sources for the whole month
  • Zero waste shopping trip – Pop into my local eco-refill, greengrocer and butchers to pick up as many plastic free items as I can
  • Plastic rubbish audit – each week I’ll have a look through the plastic that has snuck in (hey, no one’s perfect) and make plans for how to reduce it for the following week.
  • History/Home Front elements – I’m going to look at the history of plastic and packaging through the years to see how we’ve got to the plastic plague we have now

So there we are, nothing too exceptional but I will also be following the Plastic Free July calendar and adding a few other plastic free goals through out the month so keep an eye out on my Instagram for all my plastic free adventures and please share how you’re getting on and any tips you might have.

Want to know more or fancy joining in as well? Sign up at Plastic Free July for a nice bundle of ideas and support throughout the month and beyond

Do Your Bit Here and Now

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