Here and Now: When life gives you lemons…

Hello again, I’m back from my radio silence.

You might have noticed the blog hasn’t been updated recently and now I’m getting back into the swing of things, I thought I’d explain why I’ve been quiet the past few months.

Sadly, in June, the lovely farmhouse we moved into and thought we would be buying a few months go fell through and we have had to leave. To cut a complicated story short, it is owned by two family’s and although the family we had been dealing with were more than happy with us buying the other family were definitely not, didn’t want to sell or even rent to us and wanted us out as soon as possible.

Cue panic searching for a rental, which was difficult enough with a dog and made near impossible with the chickens as well. After trawling through pages and pages on Rightmove, getting nowhere with viewings and my stress levels near breaking point I put up a desperate post on a local facebook page and bingo, it put me in touch with a lovely lady who has the cutest cottage and she not only loves dogs, she also loves chickens. Woohoo, but sadly one catch, we couldn’t move in until end of September/middle of October.

Cue another search, this time for a holiday rent for the couple of months we needed but with summer holidays plus Corona staycations, the best we were quoted was £3000 for two months!

Whilst we were pondering what to do, a friend jokingly suggested we borrow her family camper van and a seed was planted.

We could do the sensible option and waste £3000 on rent that we would never see again for a caravan with easy electric and running water or we could buy a camper for similar price and have a few adventures on the way, guess what we picked…

Meet Nev (short of Neville Longbottom to continue our Harry Potter van names) he is now our home from the next couple of months and hopefully our adventure bus after that.

Van life has certainly had its challenges (38 degrees and a broken window) but so far it’s been good. We are still working on him so our evenings are filled with tinkering at the moment but our plan is to wild camp each night once he is ready to go.

And before you ask, we haven’t got a mobile coop on the back for the girls, though I was tempted. They have gone on a little vacation to my mums until we move into our new abode.

Expect my next few posts to have a campervan/small space living edge and I’d love to know of any gorgeous spaces we can camp at in and around the South East of England 🙂

So to finish my title, when life gives you lemons, buy a campervan 🙂

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