Rubbish Update: Week Two

Well, I’m officially crap when I’m ill.

This past week has been a hazy blur of sniffles, naps and sneezes and all the organisational drive I had disappeared along with the mountain of tissues I’ve been using.

I know that if I’m going to live a low waste life, I need to get my little organising hat on. Meals need to be planned so food isn’t wasted, I need to bring my containers so snacks can be brought plastic free and I have to think ahead so I don’t need to panic buy a meal deal for lunch. None of this has happened this week.

My disorganisation has also meant no shameful picture of my rubbish and recycyling like I did last week. I didn’t realise it was Thursday and my other half was actually organised and put the bins out, which there are no complaints from me here that he remembered but it does mean I didn’t have chance to pull it apart.

I do know it was a bad week though, we brought ready made meals for dinners, I ate my body weight in chocolate to cheer myself up and there was a least 3 meal deals for lunch as well. I also forgot simple things like my water bottle and bag for life so I had silly recycling this week of plastic bags and bottles which was just annoying. Looking back over my week has shown me I’m nothing without planning and old habits come creeping back when I don’t put the effort in.

But I’m not going to be dismayed and I’m going to use this little set back to put things in place so this doesn’t happen again. I now have a basket of spare bags, tupperware and jars in the boot of the car so I always have some with me, my water bottle now lives in my rucksack so I’ve always got it even if I forget to fill it up and I’m going to batch cook some meals so the freezer always has something yummy in so I don’t need to raid the shops so hopefully next time I’m struck down (drama queen moment) I’ll be that little bit more prepared.

Although I might not have been completely on the ball this week, I have picked up on where some of my packaging is coming from and had a little conundrum. I get nearly all of my fruit and veg from my local indie shop, Bonners Barn, just off the island I live on. It’s a great little shop with lovely people, a wide range of veg, a butchers inside and they have scrummy extras like olives and fresh bread. But some of their veg comes wrapped plastic.

I know this is due to keeping the items fresh when they are transported, which makes sense as the plastic used to protect them has a lower carbon foot print than if the food is wasted. But annoyingly quite a lot of the stuff they use isn’t recyclable and is becoming a big chunk of my rubbish. What was I do about it?

I could try and shop else where but a little check at the other shops near me and I found that Bonner’s actually have a lot less in packaging on their veg, I also don’t have to drive miles out of my way as it is normally on my route to and from home and, however much waste there is, I would still really and truly rather support an indie than a chain. So decision made, I’ll continue to shop at my lovely little veg shop and maybe ask them if they could use less plastic and with the stuff I do bring home, I’ll just have to think of creative ways I can use it. Blue Peter moment, here I come.

Next weeks plans:

  • Get my organisational mojo back
  • Find some recipes for bulk freezable dinners

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  1. Have you seen the project to stuff soft plastic into plastic bottles to create eco-bricks? Albeit, plastic, these bottles are being used to build houses and other such structures from what I understand. A good way to use and get rid of the soft plastic. It still goes into the environment, and it still lasts for hundreds of years, but at least it’s not in landfill or the ocean.


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