Rubbish Update: Week One

I might have to think of a better title for this series as otherwise it looks like I’m being a tad over critical of my work 😀

My first week is done and I’m darn pretty chuffed with my progress. This is how my bins are looking:

My weeks rubbish

0 Food Waste
11 Cans and aluminium
10 Recyclable plastic

4 In store recycled plastic
12 Non recyclables
0 Paper and Cardboard*

*I don’t have any paper or cardboard as we have a wood burner and all of that goes as fire starters.

This, by far, is the smallest amount of rubbish I’ve ever had produced and I’m going to give myself a little pat on the back for it. When I look through the piles, the main items I seem to have in my non recyclables are pre-prepared food and vegetable wrappers so I’m going to make reducing them one of my goals for next week.

This lot also includes all the rubbish from my office as well and although it did take a little time to sort out, I actually didn’t mind the rummaging. It felt really rewarding going from a bag for life full to just some cans, plastic trays and Costa lids once it had been sorted.

My biggest triumph of the week certainly has to be with my food waste. I’ve been splitting it into food that can be resued (Spare beans from breakfast went into a slow cooker soup rather than in the compost), frozen for stock later on (veggie peelings), chicken munchies, compostables, dog scraps and then finally the food bin which this week has not existed, horray!

All this bin organising has it has made me a lot more conscious of what I’m picking up when I’m out and I do get a little frustrated having to buy an item in plastic that I know is going to add to my rubbish pile, so hopefully I can use this annoyance to make better choices in the future.

The weeks overview:

Bad parts of this week:

I’ve noticed I’m overmaking food. I had a go at overnight porridge to combat my use of the microwaveable pots and I grossly over estimated how much I would need and I had the same problem with rice and gravy. I’m lucky that the dog seems pretty happy to have these leftovers for his tea but I don’t like the fact I’ve wasted food so need to keep a check on this.

Good parts of the week:

Again food related. I am so chuffed how nonexistent my food waste has been. Although I mentioned above I overcooked on a few occasions, I didn’t have to chuck it out as the dog was happy to munch away and I didn’t have any rotting veg in my fridge to chuck out as I made sure I used it all up (and made scrummy sweet potatoes and butter squash soup from drawer scraps). Also I am the chickens new best friends with the little pile I’ve been giving them. Seemingly all little organisation can go along way.

Next Week’s Aim:

  • Portion sizes, although it’s not technically being wasted, I really want to curb how much food I’m over making
  • Reducing the non recyclable waste I’m getting which is mainly from veg and preprepared foods

So are you impressed with my progress or do you still think I’ve got a way to go? Don’t forget to follow my progress on my Instagram and Twitter 🙂

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