Recipe: Ginger Cordial

October is in full flow now and as the cooler weather creeping in, I’ve started craving all things warming and hyggelig. Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to that lovely crackle of a wood burners, the cosines of a blanket mountain and anything I can find with ginger in (Home Front Solution #39). 

You name it, if it’s got ginger in it, I’m gunna nibble it. Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, ginger gimlets (I will share this cocktail next week, it’s amazing), ginger beer and it was whilst I was supping the later the other day, I had a little wonder. Could I make my own tasty version of this with the help of my soda stream?

After a quick hunt on Pinterest, I care across this scrummy recipe from Sugar and Charm so one sticky Sunday a few weeks ago I chopped, simmered and burnt my mouth as I was too eager.  My first batch (which was to the recipe) was a tad too sweet which is a lot coming from a sugar fiend so the recipe I’ve shared below is my second attempt and is a bit less headache inducing.

A few little pointers:

  • I have let mine simmer down for nearly an hour and half and it has a perfect consistency.
  • This recipe makes only a cup full so double as needed to make as much as you need
  • The left over chunks of ginger are a delicious sweet treat if you have handle the fire
  • With regard to diluting once it is made, it’s all trial and error so have fun experimenting.
  • I am currently infusing the ginger peel in water to see if that’s got a ginger tinge so I’ll let you know how that goes

I would love to know how you’ve got on making this and if you have any other cordials you make. Comment below or tag me in on Instagram with your beautiful wares. 

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