Current Project: The Bin

After my little hiatus, I’ve given you all an update and am now ready to start on my new simpler blog life, be a little more focused and a lot more proactive, starting with my new project…drum roll…My Bin.

I know, glamorous, but after a series of non starts, I needed to find something I could focus my blogging on that would be simple enough for me to be getting on with, relatable so you all wouldn’t get too bored reading it, would allow me to go off on history tangents and in my own small way make a difference so reducing my bin seemed just the thing. Just one problem, currently me and my bin are currently not on the healthiest terms.

I’m going to admit my little shameful secret for you now readers, I am somebody who talks the talk but does not walk the walk when it comes to rubbish. I am happy to natter away about reducing waste, agree with all the arguments for plastic free and will frown away when I see others gaily throwing recyclables into a normal bin but secretly I am, pardon the pun, rubbish at it.

With a mixture of disorganistion and sheer laziness, more often than I’m willing to admit, bin day comes and I am the one snoozing as the truck passes and then scowl as my food bin stinks and my recycling piles up. And using this like a confession box, I want to be absolved of my sins as I admit, with real shame, that I have just bung it all in one bag and throw it in the skip that’s on the farm where I live.

I need to sort this, and not just my lack recycling ways. I’m fed up of the plastic bags my food arrives in, knowing I’m paying extra for something I’m going to just throw away and I’m fed up of wasting food that if I was just a little more organised could be used by me or eaten by the farm chickens before it turns to mush in my fridge drawer. 

None of this would have gone down well in the Second World War. With it becoming such a struggle to get supplies into the country, rubbish was seen as unpatriotic and waste, in some cases, illegal. The piles of used paper, tin cans and food scraps stopped being seen as something to get rid of but useful resources and tools as everything got rarer. Granted back then they didn’t have a sea of plastic when they entered a shop or convenience food coming out of their ears but it’s the idea that everything had a value is what I want to embrace. 

So the plan is not just to become a chief recycle, I want to fully slim my bin aiming for a waste free life using zero waste shopping ideals, frugal tricks and lessons from the Second World War. Then I hopefully won’t feel such a fraud when I get on my soap box about waste.

So the plan:

I have organised 4 bigs bins outside my back door, one for rubbish, one for plastic (washed), one for tins and glass and one for food waste (echoning the bins piled on streets for everyone’s wartime waste). Inside I have 4 small bins that match up and I’m going to empty daily so it should become a habit. Emptying the little into the big will also make me more in tune with what I’m wasting and what’s causing my bad habits.

I’m also going to try and check the fridge before I shop to see ingredients need using up and check the tray every couple of days so nothing turns into an extra from Doctor Who, making sure I’m not wasting the precious resource.

To keep me in check, I’m going to write weekly posts on rubbish day full of shameful photos of what’s filling my bin and where I can brag about what’s been good or expect a telling off for the bad parts of my week. I will also explore zero waste/plastic free shipping and slip in a little home front. I would also love to hear your trials and tribulations on going zero waste and any tips you might have to help me along the way.

Expect the first post on Thursday 16th giving me a week and a half to get myself organised as I’m off on holiday on Tuesday and then my bin day isn’t until Thursday.

Until then, as the excitement builds, don’t forget to comment below with your handy hints for going waste free or share them on my Facebook or Twitter.


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I am a pink haired, list lover with a silver lining outlook on life and a passion for reviving history.

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