An Update.

It’s been a while. I started this blog over two year ago with the grandest of intentions and I’m no further forward than I was in the first month. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve edited and tweaked, added new paragraphs and reworded till my hearts content but I haven’t actually started.

I had the grandest of plans, with projects for each heading, blog ideas coming out of my ears and hundreds of words to write and each time I would sit down to start I would get overwhelmed by everything I needed to do. Each day I had little thoughts that I’d love to share, ideas I wanted to research and expand upon but I couldn’t because I had to get these all important groundwork blogs done first. I’d put so much on getting it all right and all done in the first place and then get taken over by the sheer enormity of it all that nothing moved forward.

I forgotten a very simple rule of blogging and of a happy life: Make it Simple. What I should be doing, instead of trying to get all my ideas down at once, is just getting on with it. I need to focus my rambling brain on one simple project and let everything else slot in around it.

And I came up with the perfect thing, rubbish! Or more specifically my bin. Working out how to reduce my waste each week is just project to focus on that would be simple enough for me to be getting on with, relatable so you all wouldn’t get too bored reading it, would allow me to go off on history tangents and in my own small way make a difference.

So that’s how I’m going forward, see my next post with it all planned out a little better and enjoy. My ideas aren’t fully formed and not all background pages finished but I’m starting and that’s what really matters.

Here and Now

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I am a pink haired, list lover with a silver lining outlook on life and a passion for reviving history.

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