Recipe: Blackberry Whiskey

After sharing my last blackberry hoard post, a friend suggested I had a go at making blackberry whiskey and with the hedges still brimming with berries, I thought why not?

It was quite a simple recipe, which I’ve shared below and I really can’t wait to taste it, it already smells so good. A few sites I read said not to throw away the berries once it is defused as they are delicious so I’m thinking of making a pie or possibly a tart with them once they are done so keep an eye out for that around December.

How long to leave the whiskey seems to vary from person to person, I’ve heard 3 months and from others up to 6 but as I want to give some for Christmas presents I’m going to try the 3 months version and maybe next year, if it is a success I’ll leave it a little longer.

I’d love to give some other hedgerow tipples a try (Home Front Solution #41) so if you have any suggestions or recipes you always love to make, please share them with me in the comment section below.

Recipe for Blackberry Whisky

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