Recipe: Blackberry Liqueur and Cocktails

On my walks in the countryside over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an incredible amount of plump blackberries in the hedges and they all seem bigger and juicer than I’ve ever seen them before (though I might just be a little more observant now I spend more time near bushes, having a little dog n’all)

These bulging hedgerows got me thinking about how important autumn and fruit harvest would have been especially for someone with such an extreme sweet tooth as mine.

It wasn’t easy getting food into the country. The convoys of ship coming to the United Kingdom were easy pickings for the Nazi U-boats who would work as a “Wolf Pack” to pick them off, skulking alone through known shipping routes till they found a convoy. Then they would radio through, alerting the rest of the pack and tailing the convoy until enough U-boats had assembled for an attack.

These proved a very serious threat to Allied shipping with whole convoys being lost, they did however manage to develop a way to fight this threat by cleverly using the pack’s organisation against itself.

The U-boats relied heavily on radio communication between themselves to coordinate the attacks which left them vulnerable to a device called the High Frequency Direction Finder, brilliantly nicknamed the Huff-Duff which kind of does what it says on the tin. The Allies would use this Huff-Duff to pick up the signals between the energy boats, determining the location of them and then attack, thus saving the food convoys.

But back on the topic of foraged fruits (Home Front Solution #41) as the routes became more perilous, the space on the boats for food and supplies became restricted and nonessential items like oranges and bananas were pushed pretty far down the pecking order. Not such a good thing if you were a fruit lover or liked a little variety in your diet.

Cue autumn when suddenly anyone could have their fill of fruit as hedgerows and gardens became natures grocers, producing bumper crops of tasty apples, blackcurrents, plums and the focus of today’s recipes blackberries.

Now I’m not normally a massive blackberry lover, my palette has been spoilt by synthetic sugars but I really wanted to find a way to use this fruit up before it rotted and I do love my cocktails. So imagine my joy when I found this recipe for blackberry Liqueur and then a very delicious cocktail to use it in.

I hope you guys will enjoy drinking this as much as I did, yum. Do you know if any other cocktails I could used the blackberry liqueur in? Let me know in the comment box below.

And now for the cocktail:

Black Temple Recipe

  • 2oz Blackberry Liqueur
  • 3-4oz 7-Up
  • 3-4oz ginger ale
  • 1oz grenadine syrup
  1. Fill a hurricane glass with ice, then add the liqueur and Grenadine.
  2. Top the glass up with 7-Up and Ginger Ale and then enjoy!

The liqueur recipe came from the BBC Good Food and the cocktail came from DrinksMixer

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